8″ Round Glory

The office ordered lunch again today. Marino’s. I fell in love with their scrumptious italian food on our first birthday lunch order, and again today.  Anyone in the Elk Grove area should really try this place out.  It is packed at lunch so I recommend ordering in.

The half order would have been too much, but my boss forgot to say only half. When I opened my carton up, there sat an eight inch, round, tomato topped, parmesan sprinkled, stuffed fat with delicious ingredients.  Four perfectly sliced triangles.  The artichoke hearts in the middle oozed with flavor balancing perfectly with the onions and balsamic house dressing soaking into the bottom bread slice.  I am not usually a roasted red pepper fan, but they had great flavor and weren’t overpowering.  Foccacia bread puffed up thick oozing with provolone cheese.  The Veggie Focaccia on 8″ Round Tomato Bread is perfect for a vegetarian, and great for Friday Lenten meat-less choices, and price friendly. Purchase a full and split it with a friend.

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