My mom decided we would have a finger food party. Everyone came over with their ingredients for an easy-to-eat treat and gathered in the kitchen to cook. It actually worked out nicely with everyone’s food finishing at about the same time in our small-ish kitchen.

Last weekend, my mom had friends over and made pizza. While they were at church she asked me to make the crust in the bread maker and I accidentally made pie crust dough. So I decided the best thing would to be to use the pie crust dough I had thrown in the freezer. Personally, I am not a huge pie fan. I like to dip my fork in someone’s to taste it, and then I am done. So why not make mini pies? Not Martha had a great example to go off of.

The pie crust only took 10 minutes in the bread maker. Very easy, and not a sticky dough. I rolled it out and used a circular egg form to cut circles in the dough. These circles were then rolled out thinner to stretch and cover the inside of each cup in a muffin tin.


I chose to just add pie filling, but making your own would work too.



Then I cut more circles with decorative holes for air and covered several of the pies. Trial and error shows this method to actually burst open when the pie filling bubbles in the oven, and your best bet is to make sure these are well secured to the pie bottoms.  On the others I cut strips of dough and crisscrossed them across the top leaving more room for the bubbling filling to release and a rugged look.


A store-bought pie crust would take less time to cook, but I put mine in at 400 (probably 375 in most ovens as ours isn’t the strongest) for 30 min. On the day of the party, I sprinkled some sugar on top and threw these delights in the oven for another ten minutes to warm them.

When I finished I had left over dough, so I decided to make even smaller pies. Bite-sized. Same technique in the mini muffin pan. These were absolutely delightful and the perfect bit of flavor.


My other contribution to the party was the drinks. I put together a homemade lemonade, squeezing a lemon and half a lime in each container, added some lemon juice from a bottle, some sugar and water, half a lemon and lime in whole slices in each jar, and a splash of grenadine to make it pink in color. I put it in large mason jars, and on the day of the party put it out with pomegranate vodka. This way the underagers and drivers could choose to have a non-alcoholic version.
Sidenote: the pomegranate vodka was also fabulous with the limited time diet pomegranate 7-up especially because the aspartame in diet pop lessens the alcohol flavor.


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