Messy Masa

Who doesn’t love authentic Mexican food? I took the liberty to attempt my own version for my dad and Ellen after an elongated car fix. I heard from a friend who lives close to the border that to make anything taste Mexican you must add Knorr chicken flavoring.

To start, I bought instant corn masa. This is easy enough, just the flour and water.  I am still unsure on the consistency, as the directions call for two cups of flour and 2.5 cups of water then stir for four minutes.  Clump 16-18 groups of the mixture to flatten out.  Only when I try these directions it comes out too watery to pull apart, so I usually add more flour.  There is probably a trick to this I just don’t know yet.


When your arm is good and tired of stirring, the tortilla’s need to be pressed down into their signature flat, round shape. I do not own a tortilla press and the dough stuck to my fingers when I tried the hand-press method, so I found this handy-dandy, heavy meat press. Lined it with wax paper, and wall-a, pressed dough.


These cook for 20 seconds on each side, but I left mine in for a minute on each side since I was cooking in a regular pan. They suggest a cast iron skillet for the best flavor.


Quesedilla’s are easy once the tortilla’s are complete. Steam of the Crop makes a corn, black bean, onion, and pepper mix you can just throw in the microwave. Less work than the tortilla’s! Salsa is a quick way to add tomatoes and spice all in one, but the best ingredient to use is cheese. Not only does it ooze out with every bite, but it holds the whole ordeal together. While cooking just wait till this starts to get melty and gooey then you know it’s time to flip. The melted cheese should hold the top and bottom together for a perfect flip. The meal is uber filling, but rice and beans is a great side if you have room left in your stomach.




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