Chili chocolate. Up until the other day I had only heard of this and dreamed of finding some. Thank you Lindt for this dream come true.  Several friends mentioned this delicacy to me after trying it at Filipino family parties, but couldn’t remember the name. It is a spicy sweet, best used in dark chocolate, the chocolate counteracting the heat and toning the chili pepper down.


Trader Joes intrigues me with their organically cheap goods. I put together a 2-buck Chuck and frugal joe’s ordinary beer birthday baskets. The beer will pair well with nut mix, differed with chili lime flavors. It is spruced with dried limes. The red wine is brought to life with fruits, so a dried chocolate, raspberry nut mix seemed appropriate. The chili chocolate will be great after some chili lime nuts and sea salt dark chocolate with the chocolate, raspberry nuts. To top these gifts off I found a fresh pretzel roll, threw them in wicker baskets, and cellophaned them closed with an oversized bow.

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