Flat Top Grill

I absolutely love this restaurant. Flat Top is much more reasonable to go at lunch time, and then fill your belly with anything that you can possibly think of that agrees with your particular taste pallet, and then again and again until you are bursting at the seams if you choose the unlimited option. They are very particular if you state that you have allergies, and will cook your food separate, which is also ideal for vegetarians whose stomach’s may not be keen on food cooked in the same oil as meat.

The roti bread is amazing. I highly recommend grabbing the blue stick when you are finished.  This slightly smaller than your bowl, round, flaky layers warms up your mouth with the sweet dough.  It makes the bowl.

My palate is not a naturally sweet lover. Fruit salsa, jam, and fruit infused fish or chicken dishes just won’t cut it for me. Add some sriracha or salty goodness to a meal and I am down. So, for my latest sauce combination at flat top included a half scoop of the Black Bean Garlic, half scoop of the Indian Coconut Curry, full scoop of the Flat Top Grill sauce, full scoop of the Hot Red Chili sauce, and a full scoop of the garlic water with a scoop of cheese. It was a decent mix with just the right amount of spice which paired well with my bowl of vegetables and tofu.

Flat Top is a fun idea for the kids and adults and every experience is slightly different from the last.  The best part is they have all of their nutrition facts online and in the restaurant, so if you are on a diet you won’t break the bank.

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