Wine Gums

To go along with all the British hype happening lately due to X-Factor tryouts today at the Sear’s Center and the Royal Wedding, I thought I would contribute with a favorite candy from Europe. I found these babies while traveling through London with a summer study program and I have to say, they are quite tasty.  The bag over there is much larger than these tiny rolls of the round gummy’s, but I couldn’t resist.  As Easter just took place, I chose these over my ultimate favorite, Smarties (which are not the Smarties we know here, instead made of chocolate).  Each individual gum is stamped with an imprint of their signature crown and come in the typical rainbow of flavors: grape, cherry, lime, lemon, and orange.  They are a hard gum similar to Haribo’s gummy bears, but softer on your teeth. So easy to pop in your mouth, you may want to consider this small twisted pack to a bag to limit yourself!


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