I gave in. I couldn’t resist buying these sweet treats. Fun fact from the top of the box: What U is the British Flag?


European Smarties are NOT the Smartie’s we know here in America.  These are similar to M & M’s in that they are color coated chocolate pieces, but once you pop it into your mouth, you will know. They are not the same. I am biased in saying that Nestle chocolate is ten times tastier than Hershey‘s and much smoother.  Pick out a blue colored candy and bite into it. The shell is thicker and crunchier than an M & M (actually similar to the latest seasonal Easter, or rather “Spring,” M&M that was as big as a peanut M & M but all chocolate with a thicker outer shell).  The chocolate inside is smooth and has an almost fruity tang to it. The best part is this little package is only 89 calories!


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