Bakery Crescent

A co-worker knows of this scrum-deli-iscous hole-in-the-wall place and brought this bread in for everyone to try. We’ve all been hooked ever since. This place, Bakery Crescent, is located at 270 E Algonquin in Arlington Heights. It is a little Japanese Bakery with odd hours that are worth the occasional dip out of work at lunch to pick up a fresh, plump, carb relish.


This particular bread has fluffed up, easily torn, circular pieces to just grab and go.  They are topped with an amazing sugar-almond topping that you hope to get with each bite.  Inside you will find a cream center. Not sweet like a Twinkie, but just the right amount of sweet, light, rather fattening wallop allowing some moistness to the bread.  It isn’t overpowering which makes it such a find.  I ate half the loaf on my way home the first time trying it.


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