Taco Hell Qeus-o’s

So Sarah and I had another lazy Sunday, which consisted of Glee and cooking. She asked if I knew what consisted of Taco Bell’s Quesidilla sauce, and I replied with a no look it up. So, we looked it up.

It starts by mixing all the sauce ingredients together in a bowl, making it as smooth as possible. Mayo, sugar, cayenne, jalepeno’s and their juice, cumin, paprika, garlic power, and a dash of salt. My first batch I attempted to make a smaller portion and just started tossing ingredients in the bowl. Too much sugar will make your quesidilla sweet with a spice after taste from the cayenne. I left out the jalepeno’s, just because I didn’t have them lying around. Tortilla’s taste best when cooked in a pan, so I lined one side with the sauce and a broken to bits slice of American cheese and the other tortilla with more sauce sprinkled with cheddar cheese shavings. image

Cooked both sides until crispy brown. Then stuck a fork into my creation and chowed down. It was deliscious. Almost the real thing. Less sugar next time and more spice. Heart-attack, artery-clogging goodness.


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