North of the Border

A local restaurant to Bartlett, IL, North of the Border is a favorite in our household. My mom and I both bought a Groupon to here when it was available. Monday’s are 65 cent Taquitos, so we had a few of both avocado and refried bean fried and stuffed sticks, a couple of chicken tacos for my mom, and this monstrous, made-for-catering Nacho platter.  My mom ordered the ultimate nachos not expecting to get an entire tin that will last us three days if we eat it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner stuffed with all the goodies you can imagine.  Ours was the meatless version, and was it ever mouth-watering.  On top of the chips, they tossed refried beans and hot, melting white Mexican cheese.  It’s topped with tomatoes, black olives, and onions.  North of the Border threw a large dollop of both sour cream and guacamole on the very top with some jalapeno slices for an extra bite.  If you are keen to spice I suggest mixing the two salsa’s they provide and sprinkling this on top of everything.  If spice is not your cup of tea, the green salsa is a mild, tasty addition.  I highly recommend this little location on 59 for both catering, delivery, and a eat-in meal.  Everything I’ve tried ends in a food baby belly and a smile.image

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