Baby Makin’ Machine

Ash asked me to come by and attempt a new project with her. As I mentioned earlier, on Mother’s day she was feeding her baby boy homemade, goopy, brownish-green blended avacadoes. we went shopping and found ideas from the baby food jars then picked up a few ingredients, such as 20 gallons of distilled water, fruits, vegetables and baby formula. She likes to stock up.


So we compared both her blender and my food processor. Then cut, scraped, peeled, diced, steamed, and chopped all but the kitchen sink. Apples, mangoes, butternut squash, pears, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, pineapple, avacadoes, carrots, and peaches.image


Making baby food is actually quite simple after you have everything cut up or steamed.  You just throw in your fruits or vegetables, add water if needed (a lot of the fruit did not need added water as it already is juicy), and a few scoops of formula.  We decided for our first round we would just stick with one fruit per jar, instead of having the baby try apple banana, to see if he liked a certain fruit or not. We taste tested on her neice who loved the mangos.  The pineapple she continued to open her mouth for, but kept spitting it half out.  It may have been too chunky.  While we were blending we came across the issue of the food processor really pulverizing any size chunk we put into it, but it wasn’t a smooth mixture. So we then had to transfer it into the blender which would liquify everything.


Ash had previously bought the perfect grab-one-and-go, stackable, baby food containers.  Everything will last up to 3 months in the freezer, and this way she can take out one tray at a time and thaw in the refridgerator.  The containers do go into the microwave for easy heating.


Each container had it’s own sticker which was then labeled in a book by the correct food item.  The colors and consistencies of each food we made started to blend together with the next item, so this was really helpful.  We also labeled the stacking containers with the date, so she knows when they are no longer fresh.  I learned a new trick too.  Sharpie permanent marker’s can be erased on plastic with a pencil eraser.image

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