Lotsa Spaghetti

Rosette invited me over for spaghetti and asked me to bring the sauce. I picked up a can of diced tomatoes (Italian version) and tomato sauce as well as a can of pureed olives (on accident. I thought they were the already sliced ones).  When I got to her house I chopped up a small onion and garlic cloves.  These I sautéed in a little olive oil then added in the tomatoes and sauce with a sprinkle of garlic salt, italian seasoning, and freshly ground pepper.  These just melded together and was tossed on top of the spaghetti noodles Rosette had cooking when I arrived.  A tad garlicy, and could have used another can of sauce, but it was delectable. We even finished off the remainders so there would be no left overs.


Rosette bought frozen loaves of bread that you cook in the oven at home. They were a tad brown, so we brushed butter on top to soften the bread and add flavor. Delicious. Another option my mom usually does is to cut the french bread in half, melt together butter, fresh garlic and pepper then brush on and cook in the broiler until crispy.

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  1. Adding A1 or Worshor sauce to the sauce makes it good to. I do that to canned sauce to add some flavor.

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