Nari Sushi

Thursday nights are $1 sake and sushi specials at Nari Sushi House in Arlington Heights, IL. From the outside, this place barely looks open, but when you walk in the decor surrounding you puts you in an Asian festive mood. They have individual rooms where everyone can sit on the floor and enjoy their meal, shoeless of course, behind sliding sheer doors.  Even their sake glasses and pots were adorable.
We started off with two pots of the $3 extra-large hot and cold sake.  imageThe waitress brought everyone a plate of iceberg lettuce topped with fresh ginger – soothing to your stomach – and a bowl of miso soup.  As a non-seaweed lover, I ordered the vegetable tempura which with a dab of wasabi and dipped in vinegar and balsamic, the fried vegetables melted in my mouth. Everyone else ordered sushi which came on giant platters.  They had bunny shaped lumps and rice covered rolls, bubble gum pink salmon and dessert looking squares.  Everyone oohed and aahed with delight at the sight and first bite.  The rectangle of fried egg wrapped tightly in the center to a dollop of sticky rice was surprisingly sweet, and you really barely could taste the wrap of seaweed.  If you enjoy sushi, this place is a must.  Afterwards if you would like a cool down, try the ice cream mochi. It comes cut into four with whip cream and chocolate swirled on the plate.

After Nari Sushi, we headed a few doors down to cool off and hang out.  There is a karaoke bar for $25 an hour.  You get your own private booth and closed off door so you can embarrass yourself all you want.  We sang everything from Limp Bizkit to Jessie J to Britney Spears.  Then again, as you walk past each booth to the back for the bathroom, you will giggle at all the people belting their hearts out.  For the lack of embarrassment, this place is a decent price.

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  1. i wish i would be coming up there on a thursday night! this place sounds awesome!

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