Who hasn’t watched the women of Sex in the City sip on their cosmos in the high-class club and wanted to try one?

The bartender in Tobi came out to teach me a few tricks of the trade on this drink.  First, add three ice cubes to each martini glass and fill to the rim with water.  This will “chill” each glass.

Next, in your martini shaker add 3-5 ice cubes and squeeze in a fourth of an orange or tangerine. Don’t worry about the seeds, as the strainer will catch these and keep them from polluting your glass.  You can also use Triple Sec for the same effect. Pour a cup or two of Absolut Citron followed by 1/2 to a cup of cranberry juice into the shaker. Cut a lemon into slices and pinch in a little of the juice into your shaker.  Save the rind.  Cut out the fruit and portion the rind in thin fragments. Make slight notches into the white part of the rind, don’t cut all the way through. This will help contort the lemon rind, and taking the scored part of the rind with a little force, press the juice out onto the rim of the glass.  Next wring the rind into a twisted swivel and plop into the glass for added color, flavor and class.


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