Much like a california roll, these are a starter sushi for newbies unsure they will like the bite-sized fish.  It made for a great bridal shower, bite-sized, finger-food for Eileen.

To prepare, you will need:
2 eggs
2 Tbsp. Sugar
1 tsp. Soy sauce or Shoyu
Prepared sushi rice
Seaweed or nori

In a bowl, whisk together the eggs. Keep whisking while you add in the sugar and soy sauce.
Butter a frying pan with a tablespoon of butter making sure to cover the entire pan. When heated, toss your egg mixture into the pan. When the egg patty is opaque looking and easy to flip, turn over the patty to cook the other side without folding or tearing.

Place on a plate and cut into strips. Form the sticky short grain sushi rice into a rectangular shape and top with a piece of the egg. If you like seaweed, you can also cut long strips to hold the tamago together in the center.



A sweet surprise, this sushi will surprise even the hard to please, non-fishy eaters. I first tried it at Nari Sushi House on $1 sake night, and was sold. I am not a fan of seaweed, hence not liking sushi, but this shocked my taste buds into eating every last bite. The soy adds that asian integration, and the sweet egg almost reminds me of a breakfast pancake or syrupy scrambled eggs.  The egg patty itself would be a good base for an asian fusion omelet or crepe.  Fold it in half and stuff the inside with tofu, shiitake mushrooms, peas, broccoli, or ginger and garlic.


(The Tamago is the center, yellow-beige sushi. These are ones without the seaweed holding it all together.)

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