E & G Pasta

Erica and Gina would come over and make this pasta for me in college.  It’s quite simple to make, and surprisingly tasty.


Can of diced tomatoes, Italian style
Can of Cream of Celery soup
8 oz block of white cheddar cheese, preferably Cracker Barrel or other high-end brand
16 oz. spiral pasta


Cook the pasta using the directions on the box. Drain. Stir together all other ingredients and drained pasta back in the pot under low heat until the blocks of cheese are melted and the tomatoes are hot.  image

Serve topped with black pepper.

This pasta is very rich in flavor. The cream of celery pairs evenly with the white cheddar cheese bringing down the sharp individual flavors of both ingredients into an even, creamy sauce.  I purchased garlic tomatoes this time making the dish a little different and overpower with garlic, but still delicious. If you follow the original recipe and purchase the italian spiced diced tomatoes, you don’t need to flavor the dish with other spices such as basil and oregano.  Spiral pasta is best because it holds all the components of this home-cookin’ style pasta together into one bite.  It’s easy nature is great for a quick meal or for any college student, although if you are on a budget, the cheese will be your deciding factor as that is the most expensive part of the dish.  As you can see in the picture with the pot on the stove (one of our biggest before a stock pot), the recipe makes a lot of food, so it is worth the splurge on fancy cheese.  I can’t wait to get home tonight and eat my leftovers.


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