Dragonberry Cooler

In honor of Emily’s new apartments, we put together this scrumptiously sweet drink.

You’ll need:

Dragonberry Bacardi (strawberry flavored rum)
Strawberry Kiwi Crystal Light


In a powerful blender combine 4-6 shots of Bacardi, a cup and a half of water and a packet of Crystal Light.  Fill with ice (but not all the way to the top or the blender won’t be able to properly move the ice chunks around).  Put on ice crusher or pulse until ice becomes a slushy.  Squeeze in some fresh lime and add a slice to each glass for garnish.


Perfect for a hot summer day sitting out on the deck or poolside with a good book.  The Crystal Light makes this drink low on calories and kills much of the alcohol taste.  I added less than a full packet because it was a tad overpowering on flavor.  The water could be lessened for a thicker drink consistency, or add in a banana or frozen fresh strawberries for a variety of texture and less of a brain freeze.  The Dragonberry Bacardi is also a sweet tasting pair with lemonade.  Use crystal light lemonade for a “lite” version.

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