Erin McGuire’s Morning Eggs

McGuire makes THE best eggs, hands down. So here is my attempt at a recreation of the wonderous things she again cooked for Leah and I last Monday morning.  I unfortunately didn’t have the right vegetables on hand, but these turned out alright too.

You will need:

5-12 eggs
Salt & Pepper
Vegetables: I used diced tomatoes (we were out of the grape tomatoes), spinach, black beans, and dried chili peppers
Dash of Rosemary

Begin by heating your frying pan on low with a teaspoon or so of oil, or Erin usually uses the olive oil spray.  In a mixing bowl whisk together your eggs with some salt and pepper. Add in the vegetables (Cook beforehand if necessary i.e. green peppers and onions) and garlic.  Pour batter into the heated frying pan and top with cheese adn a dash of rosemary.image

The trick is to not touch the eggs. Let them sit and cook on the bottom. When they start to emit steam and you are sure the bottom will be nice and browned, flip the egg batter over to completely cook.  Let this side sit also and brown (not burn).  You will end up with large chunks that are cooked to perfection.  Top with more cheese, salt and pepper and serve.  If you cooked with a whole chili pepper or two, now is the time to remove this.image

There is something about the way McGuire cooks them that I can’t master, as you can see from my picture.  She’d make a dozen or two eggs before tailgating ND football games in college, and even then we raved about her egg cooking abilities.  They still tasted great, but I haven’t mastered the technique of browning them perfectly.  She is going to show me how one day, until then I’ll stick to my mushier, less firm scrambled eggs or letting her cook.  Waking up to the smell of breakfast was absolutely amazing, and I now know what it must feel like to be cooked for. Thanks again McGuire!image

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