Fiesta Pasta

This recipe came about by simply throwing what I found in the cabinet into a pot.  A sort of hit or miss dinner, and it turned out pretty tasty.

Throw together:

Handful of whole wheat angel hair pasta
1/2 cup sweet grape Tomatoes
1 cup sweet corn
1/2 cup black beans
1 ball of fresh mozzarella
1/4 packet Fiesta Ranch Seasoning
Few leaves fresh basil
1/4 cup milk or heavy whipping cream

Cook the pasta according to the box, drain and set aside.

Cook any vegetables ahead of time if you are using a frozen bag.  In a saucepan, combine fiesta ranch seasoning, pepper, basil, cheese and milk.  I cooked the basil alone a little to crisp the leaves before adding in the milk, cheese and other seasonings.  Cook until cheese starts to melt.  Add in vegetables and cook until they are thoroughly warmed. image

 Put your pasta in a bowl and top with fiesta ranch cheesy vegetable mixture.


I think the taste of fiesta ranch seasoning makes everything taste that much better with its tart, spicy, creamy ranch flavor, so this dish made an amazing dinner.  The sweetness of the tomatoes and corn brought the spicy ranch flavoring to a minimum, blending with the aromatic basil for an ultimate smooth palate.  Fresh mozzarella is the best because there are no artificial dyes and it is still sitting in water keeping each bite moist.  It melts and mixes well with the vegetables adding just a hint of cheesy flavor but ultimately adding another layer of texture to the pasta.

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