Kennesaw/Atlanta Restaurant Review

Georgia is such a gorgeous state to visit. We hadn’t even landed yet, and all I could see from the plane window was cloves of trees surrounding circles of houses followed by more forest green tree tops.

Kennesaw, Georgia is home to the Big Pie in the Sky Pizzeria.  We all decided on the daily lunch special, $5.00 for a slice of pizza with two toppings and a drink.  Now, you may be thinking, “Okay, that is manageable.”  Then your slice of pizza arrives.  It was served on a pizza pan, not a plate. The kind of pizza pan you’d cook a 20″ pizza on.  The slice fits nicely in the middle of the pan, with just enough room on the sides to move about a half-inch or so.  The crust is decent for a thin crust pizza, and the toppings come in so many varieties, you would have to eat 66 different combinations to try them all at lunch.
You may have seen Big Pie in the Sky Pizzeria’s Carnivore Challenge on the Travel Channel with Man vs. Food live.  The Carnivore Challenge is 11 lbs. of meat and pizza. The challengers (two of them) have to eat the entire pizza in under an hour without puking or leaving the vicinity.  Winners receive $250 (cost to attempt the challenge is $50). Looks intense. If they had a vegetarian version, I’d totally be down to try it!

For the bachelor/bachelorette dinner, we drove down to exit 249 to check out Engine 11 Firehouse Tavern.  Eileen’s extremely nice co-worker offered her $300 in gift cards so we could celebrate.

The inside decor of the place is adorable.  Everywhere you look there is a mixture of cherry wood, leather and red brick. Huge chandeliers hung down from the ceiling offering just the right amount of lighting, like an old-fashioned saloon jazzed up.


Interested in ordering drinks? They have more to choose from than you can imagine. For our celebration purposes, the bridal party took a shot of choice together, and we each got to pick a different brew. The Gorilla Fart, which the boys tried, actually smelled really awful. The beautiful women cleverly ordered the chocolate cake to pair with the actual chocolate cake and Georgia peach cake.  Surprisingly, our drinks were clear liquid.  It tasted more like one of those chocolate oranges you find at Christmas time.  Each slice has orange liqueur in with the chocolate for an extra sweetness and a tad sour.


The restaurant leaned more towards supplying meat to its customer’s than vegetarian friendly, so I ordered the Blue Cheese Chips appetizer to share with a few others (leaving the bacon off). The blue cheese was slowly melting down the massive pile of chips and was topped with diced tomatoes and scallions.  Each homemade chip had that perfect cooked crispness most of us crave when chomping down.  The tomatoes helped pull away from the potent blue cheese.  Excellent food, drinks and company. I would recommend the restaurant to anyone in the area for a weekend.  Us girls followed up the night with an improv sketch comedy act while the boys went to a concert.

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  1. i liked your recap! There are SOO many restaurants to try – we will hit up more next time you visit!

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