Coffee Almond Rum

Here’s an after-dinner, dessert drink for that chill night in. I attempted a sugar-free version of this drink for those of you with an intolerance or fondness of “lite” drinks.

Scrape up these ingredients:
1.5 oz. white rum
1.5 oz coffee
1/8 tsp. almond extract
3 oz. Diet Coke
1/2 oz. half and half


In a glass, put a shot glass worth of rum. Follow that with a shot glass worth of brewed coffee (I used a vanilla hazelnut blend). Add just a splash of almond extract, it is very flavorful. Too much, and you’ll ruin the drink.

Next add in half a shot glass worth of half and half and finish it off with Diet Coke.

The actual recipe calls for regular Coke, Kahlua and almond liqueur (like DiSorrona). I attempted to thicken my version by adding in the half and half. The actual liqueurs will sweeten the drink a lot, along with regular coke, if you prefer that version.

My sugar-free version has an initial rum kick which is quickly counteracted by the coffee ending in a smooth aftertaste thanks to the creamy half and half. Somewhere in the middle your mouth excites in a burst of bubbles from the carbonation in the Diet Coke, and as I always add, the aspartame (fake sugar) kills the alcohol punch a lot better than regular pop. This was just what I needed for a relaxing night on the couch consisting of job hunting and How I Met Your Mother.

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